Vol. 3 No. 2 (2022): Conversations on the Gothic in Popular Culture

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The fifteen interviews included in this special issue Conversations on the Gothic in Popular Culture cover various archetypes, paradigms, and expressions of the genre, including zombies, vampires, nature, and haunted house tropes. Furthermore, they consider the importance of horror and gothic modes in tackling specific contemporary sociopolitical concerns, such as racial and ethnic issues, family and domestic spaces, and gender representation, all mediated by processes of Othering and different portrayals of monstrosity.  The interviews were carried out between February and April 2021 as part of the 50+ Shades of Gothic: The Gothic Across Genre and Media in US Popular Culture conference. The transcripts were edited by the contributors for their publication and the original recordings can be found on YouTube.
Published: 2022-05-15

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